American Asphalt Recycling Solutions, Inc.


The AARS, Inc. multi-task asphalt recycling system rehabilitates an old asphalt roadway to a like new serviceable pavement in a single-pass operation. The system consists of four machines, two Pre-Heaters, one Heater Shaver and one Mixer Finisher.
Simple And Effective Use Of Technology Provides Ease Of Troubleshooting And Maintenance
All hydraulic circuits are equipped with multiple test points should manual inspection be required after the on-board computer notifies the operator of an error.
We eliminate the guesswork in troubleshooting by equipping your machine with self-diagnostic electrical and hydraulic systems.
Options Make For The Best Solutions
Our optional emissions system (pictured above) will effectively pull smoke from the heated roadway and filter it through a finely atomized water filtration system.
Tandem or Duplex wheels the choice is yours.
The controls don't stop at the control panel. Optional controls allow for auxiliary operation of many components of our machinery as well as manual overrides for all hydraulic functions.
Pre-Heaters can be equipped with an optional 10' rear furnace to significantly increase thermo-transfer, therefore increasing quality and productivity.
AARS, Inc. machinery is field programmable, this fine tuning allows for superior performance and operator control.
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